Thursday, June 5, 2014

Secret Beach History, Kauai

The link above from a couple part-time in Princeville is about the naturist history of Secret Beach.

The name of the "enforcer", or as I prefer, "vigilante", was Sakae Takenaka. Takenaka was employed by the Kauapea Homeowners Association, a domestic entity created by land owner Michele Hughes. Takenaka was paid $15. per hour to ostensibly be a maintenance man, according to his employment contract obtained by Kauai Naturists. In actual fact, for years he walked the length of Secret Beach and harassed, and invaded the privacy of gay, naturist, and "hippy" beach goers. Of course, all three groups have legal protections in Hawaii. Hughes had to auction off her parcels above Secret Beach which she operated for years with impunity as illegal vacation rentals. Just before she auctioned off, she went to the Kauai County Planning Commission and got permits to magically make them legal. Good riddance to her.


  1. My husband and I are here on vacation and went to Secret Beach yesterday for the first time. We had a wonderful time swimming, passing the volleyball, and playing cards. There were a few other couples in the same area. One of them told us this end of the beach is called “third beach”. Later on, we were the only ones left, and a man and two women pulled in on a catamaran and dragged it up on the beach a couple hundred feet west of where we were (the far east end of the beach). As we walked by them on our way out, the man called my husband an a**hole. He then began a belligerent and threatening verbal assault. His point seemed to be that we should have put our clothes on when his group arrived. He kept saying that nudity is illegal. He also walked right up to my husband in a threatening posture, forcing my husband to back up repeatedly. As we walked away, he pointed his finger at my husband saying he would be watching for us. It was obvious he was trying to scare us off. We’re going to go back. How should we handle this type of behavior? Should I make a police report? Have there been incidents with this person in the past?
    Thanks for your response.

    1. Aloha Diane.

      I am sorry for the incident with such an ignorant and unaware person.

      Nudity is perfectly legal at Secret Beach. Nudity is only illegal at STATE PARK beaches in Hawaii. Secret is NOT a state park beach. Examples of state parks on Kauai are Polihale, Ke'e (end of the road before Kalalau Trail), Wailua.

      Topfree is perfectly legal as it is not even discussed in the law. Only genitals are mentioned in the law and a UNANIMOUS state supreme court case in 2000 ruled that the actor (sunbather) only violates the law if he or she is INTENDING to affront or alarm. Minding your own business and not being lewd or sexual complies with the law. it does not matter if someone is offended, that is their choice. You must not be intending to offend.

      If you were in a space first, then someone walks by, that is their choice. Obviously neither you or your husband knew the boat people dislike nudity as a lot of people go to Secret Beach precisely to be nude or topfree.

      Violation of privacy is illegal in Hawaii. Article 6 of the Hawaii Constitution guarantees the right to privacy, as does a related state law. Harassment is also illegal in Hawaii. But not the first offense. If he does that a second time, he is committing a misdemeanor.

      Please email me at I will then send you an email with links to articles on naturism and topfree legality in Hawaii. I look forward to your email. Thank you.

      Larsen's Beach is Kauai's primary naturist beach as it gets the most nude and topfree persons. The north end of Larsen's around the black lava rocks is called Waipake Beach. It too gets naturists.

  2. What are the laws in 2017? My wife and I just moved here from California were nudest and would love to find a beach or club to go to or join any suggestions? Thanks j and lib

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