Thursday, June 5, 2014

Secret Beach History, Kauai

The link above from a couple part-time in Princeville is about the naturist history of Secret Beach.

The name of the "enforcer", or as I prefer, "vigilante", was Sakae Takenaka. Takenaka was employed by the Kauapea Homeowners Association, a domestic entity created by land owner Michele Hughes. Takenaka was paid $15. per hour to ostensibly be a maintenance man, according to his employment contract obtained by Kauai Naturists. In actual fact, for years he walked the length of Secret Beach and harassed, and invaded the privacy of gay, naturist, and "hippy" beach goers. Of course, all three groups have legal protections in Hawaii. Hughes had to auction off her parcels above Secret Beach which she operated for years with impunity as illegal vacation rentals. Just before she auctioned off, she went to the Kauai County Planning Commission and got permits to magically make them legal. Good riddance to her.