Friday, May 27, 2011

Fencing Blocking Lateral Trail At Lepeuli (Larsen's) Beach

On Saturday May 21, 2011 Bruce Laymon of Paradise Ranch, lessee of Waioli Corporation, erected this fencing across the entrance to the lateral trail to Larsen's Beach in violation of Condition 6 of its Kauai County issued  SMA permit. Click the link below "SMA Permit Paradise Ranch..." to read the permit. The Chairperson of the State Department of Land and Natural Resources, DLNR, William Aila, along with two Deputy Attorneys General, issued a memo June 27, 2011 clarifying the State position on claiming roads and trails through Registered Lands (Land Court). Waioli Corporation's Lepeuli property is "land-courted". They also commented on the lack of approval by DLNR and its Na Ala Hele Trails Program for the location of this fencing, also a requirement of Condition 6 of the permit that was violated. See link below.

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